Who is Gabriel Urist?

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Gabriel Urist is a Fort Greene, Brooklyn-based artist, jewelry designer, and metalsmith. He is an active member of the community. He is also a painter; his musician friends inspired him to be an artist. He started with metalsmithing and became a jeweler. Metalsmithing is the art of making sculptures from metal. By melding, melting, fabricating and casting metal. His favorite metal is gold as it never ionizes, and bend to his will.

Gabriel started to chase his dream to become an artist by learning metalsmithing. He jumped from job to job as a metal caster, polisher, and working in platinum and gold supply houses. All the while, building his studio slow, creating jewelry for friends and getting orders. He made his experience by working and applying what he learned. In short, he mastered the art of converting 2d to 3d. He loves to design his work.

Gabriel Urist’s “brand” is about his passion for making jewelry that last forever. He likes to help people to brand themselves. Gabriel has been creating jewelry for 20 years; he has discipline and focus. Gabriel creates necklaces, wedding rings, pendants, and medallions, and bracelets. He made jewelry for basketball players, rappers, and much more.

Gabe has been handcrafting jewelry collections for all the teams in the NBA for seven years. Gabriel made a dope piece for Nike LeBron 9 shoe called Watch the Throne. That shoe is made specially for Jay-Z and Kanye West. Also, he created a custom piece for G-Shock watches in their 30s anniversary. One of his masterpieces is the Brooklyn medallion; it is a hollow double-sided ornament. It has a simple shape, and you can see through it in light shade. Gabe’s style is the bastard child of his basketball passion and metalsmithing love. It is energetic and masculine. Gabe’s rose to prominence when he created these cute miniaturized shoes. He calls it “shoelry.”

Mr. Urist is dubbed “hip-hop jeweler” for his pieces like Wu-Tang Clan cuff links. His other pieces for Nike are to die for, like Air Max which is crazy in details. His extensive portfolio makes him one of the most celebrated jewelers in New York. He is dominating the market with his new “love letters” collection. Every piece he makes is personal and hand-made. His client’s roster includes names like Kobe Bryant, Baron Davis, and Saul Williams.

Gabriel grew up as a painter hanging out with skaters and musicians; he did not like school so much. Most of his knowledge and experience came from direct experience. In high school, he was on the basketball team and worked for his father’s maid service company. He loved metalworking since he was a teenager. His dream was to become a jeweler. He was not trying to appear as a fashion expert; he was just good at making jewelry. He is humble, different, and somewhat eccentric. He got swag too.

Gabriel’s goal is to start a jewelry school in his studio and teach kids how to work with their hands. Moreover, how to create jewelry.